Meaning of the symbols of flowers

the indirect language and messages of the Kimono motives

Cherry Blossom/ Sakura

Gentleness, (ephemeral) beauty and kindness, represents the samurai moral code

Chrysanthemum/ Kiku

symbolizes longevity

stands for the Japanese royal family, Order of the Chrysanthemum is the highest award

Paulowina/ Kiri

Originates from China, is closely associated with the phoenix, brings luck and fertilityIs

planted at the birth of a daughter, is felled and processed at marriage or birth of the child

Peony/ Botan

Queen of flowers, stands for courage and honour, wealth and feminine beauty

Wisteria/ Fuji

is also called "castle destroyer", stands for strength and elegance, counterpart to the pine - together they form a perfect couple

Prunus mume/ Ume

Symbol of spring, rebirth and hope together with pine and bamboo known as Shōchikubai (松竹梅) which is a popular symbol for weddings.

Schwertlilie/ Shoubu

Die Samurai Blume steht für Gute Nachrichten, Geistesstärke und Dankbarkeit.