Meaning of the symbols of animals

The indirect language and messages of the Kimono motives

The carp/ Koi

symbolises prosperity, happiness and joy as well as courage and perseverance to reach a goal.

On Children's Day, windsocks (koi-nobori) are hung in the shape of a carp.

Peacock/ Kujaku

Animal that drives away evil spirits, stands for love and caring. In connection with weddings, it stands for fertility.

Crane/ Tsuru

Stands for longevity as it is said to live for 1000 years, often associated with nobility. Popular wedding motif as cranes are a harbinger of long and happy marriages.

Mandarin Duck/ Oshidori

is often depicted as a couple and stands for harmony and beauty. Popular motif for wedding kimonos.

Butterfly/ Cho

symbolises evolution, transformation in the different phases of life, beauty and longevity.

Turtle/ Kame

Symbol of longevity happiness and joy.