The phoenix originated already in Egyptian mythology through the Osiris cult and spread in different variations and forms throughout the world.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, unused silks rise again to old glory in my headboards and pillows.

In Japan, it is known as "Hou-ou" with different properties than the Western phoenix, which is almost identical to the Chinese "Feng Huang".

In Japan, it is known with different characteristics than the western phoenix as "Hou-ou", which is almost identical to the Chinese "Feng Huang".

In Japanese mythology, the bird appears very rarely and only in a land that is at peace. If a phoenix is sighted, it is considered a very good omen and represents a new age. Thus, these timeless headboards also open a new era in which traditional design undergoes a renaissance to bring the peace of the Phoenix to your bedroom.

The phoenix is often associated with the Japanese royal family and symbolizes justice, virtue and a positive inner attitude. We are kings* in our own bed and we want to feel that way. Our inner truth is shown in our dreams, which we want to associate with these attributes. Because a peaceful sleep lays the foundation for a peaceful day and a fulfilled life.